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Monday, July 30, 2007

Introducing: The Me.dium Widget

Me.dium reveals the hidden world of people and activity behind your browser. With that little sidebar open, you’ve got a window into the happening s of the internet revolving around where you surf.

Now that truly is cool…but what about those of us with giant egos who would rather see the activity going on behind our own personal websites? The people out there who feel a tad bit of elation when someone has left us a fresh new comment, or the ones who feel a sense of accomplishment when our “# of views” ticker skyrockets….

Fear not my friends; I introduce to you the Me.dium Widget!

This little baby is a map similar to the one seen on your sidebar, except rather than revolving around your activity, it centers on your individual blog. The widget will sit on your webpage and in real-time, show you not only who is coming and going to and from your site, but also on other sites that are relevant to you.

Now don’t worry, it’s easy to snag a widget of your own! Simply:
1. Join Me.dium, if you haven’t already done so
2. Click “manage widgets” from your Me.dium profile page
3. Name your widget (can be anything) and type in the URL you want your widget to be centered around
4. After completing step three, a code will be generated. Copy and paste it to your webpage or blog and voila! You and your widget are ready to roll!

Any questions? Feel free to ask Dean about it. Me.dium ID: Dean